Thursday, January 6, 2011

eValid Positioning

Question Recently Posted On The eValid User Forum:
Been going around looking at all of the different kinds of test tools in the past few months and I'm just wondering if someone there could clarify where eValid is positioned, technology-wise and market-wise?

Our Response On The Forum:
That's a very broad question, but here are some of the key points that may give you the answer you're looking for.

  • eValid tests web applications primarly, but also tests web/windows interactions. eValid is thus intended to be a complete web application test engine.

  • eValid is self-contained, implemented inside an IE compatible browser -- it is in fact a "clone" of the installed IE browser (IE 5.50 and later only).

  • Because of the implementation as a browser eValid does NOT interfere with the JavaScript operations that support AJAX at all. This is important because eValid then can do non-JavaScript synchronization commands that solve tricky AJAX playback stability issues.

  • eValid playbacks scale nicely, which leads to the LoadTest solution that eValid provides: multiple, parallel, simultaneous eValid instances produce real Browser User (BU) load on your application.

  • eValid is sold as a complete solution, and not as a toolkit. A QA/Test group's needs are usually completely met by the eValid solution.

  • eValid is aimed mainly for use in small and medium enterprises, where the QA/Test and PerformanceTest teams may not necessarily have deep programming skill. eValid gets real results, quickly and efficiently, and withoutrequiring programming skill -- although having such skill may make learning eValid easier.

  • Finally, eValid licensing and pricing is aimed to scale in with the budget contraints of small and medium enterprises.

eValid Support Team

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