Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Selected User Forum Posts

Here is a selection of recent posts to the eValid User Forum that should be of interest to the eValid community.

  • Testing Web Forms -- The best thing to do is to "record from life" and then make careful modifications to achieve the best overall test results. This minimizes costs and maximizes benefits.
  • Can I Use eValid in Several Different Accounts? -- The standard license supports one user at a time, but on a terminal services machine that can support many different users non-simultaneously.
  • Multiple User Accounts -- You may have to have an EPRISEnn feature to allow multiple simultaneous users.
  • Capture The Total -- The way to do this is to write some simple structural commands that extract the DOM value, save it locally, and then compare it with the expected value.
  • JavaScript Menu -- To capture a dynamic menu the best solution is to use the eValid PageMap and from that data captured there write a simple structural sequence to manipulate the list/menu.
  • Cloud Based Test Solution -- The key advantage of using "cloud resources" is that they are inexpensive and VERY powerful. That route is how eValid is able to offer 1,000's of "browser users" on a regular basis.
  • To Convert A eValid Script -- Any eValid script is easily mapped into the corresponding C++ passage needed for EPI operation. After compilation you have a separate executable that runs the playback.
  • Testing A Smart GWT Application With Webdriver -- The issue with some GWT applications is that the ID tags change dynamically. What we do to handle this is to focus on the "fixed point" properties of the page that do NOT involve the use of ID tags. This seems to produce reliable scripts.
  • Desktop Based Application -- The desktop is a unitary resource, so special care must be given to scripts that exploit data on the desktop. eValid has a MUTEX Lock/Unlock operator that helps to synchronize playbacks.
  • Google's Images -- When pages have a log of dynamic JavaScript (JScript) the eValid "IndexElementMouseOver" command can save the day.

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