Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Examples of Google Docs Testing

We have been updating our worked examples to include application of the structural testing commands in eValid to some of the popular types of applications --ones that are good examples of "difficult to test" web applications.

We have recently completed two examples that deal with different aspects of Google Docs:

  • Spreadsheets
    Here the issue is whether you can easily create a new spreadsheet, or open an existing one, manipulate it easily, and validate results. You can see the results at this page: Testing Google Docs -- Spreadsheet Option.

  • Text Documents
    In this case the issue is similar, but now the job is just to be able to perform basic actions on a Google Docs document. Our example can be seen here: Testing Google Docs -- Document Option.
What ties these two examples together is that the basic script was created "from life" using eValid's recording capability. From that recording we modified some of the passages to use the pure-structural commands that manipulate the DOM to produce the right playback effects.

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