Tuesday, October 20, 2009

eValid Being Used At Lousiana State University For Course on Web Analytics

eValid is pleased to be able to provide copies of eValid to Lousiana State University, Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences for use in a course on Web Analytics (ISDS 4118) that Prof. James R. Van Scotter being offered for the first time this Fall.

One goal of this course is to have diagnose web site design and usability problems and recommend improvements to the web site owners. Students will use eValid to create sitemaps, calculate web site metrics, and perform other analytic functions. The results will be used to examine website navigation design issues, identify broken or incorrect links, and pinpoint slow-loading pages and investigate other performance related issues.

Prof. Van Scotter's class will be organized into 6-7 groups and each group will be comparing 4-5 websites.

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