Saturday, August 8, 2009

Demo of eValid RIA Monitoring

One of the growing application areas of eValid technology is in the monitoring of complex AJAX applications.

To monitor an AJAX application realistically you need to be able to emulate a real user performing a real transaction, keep track of the state of the session, and record intermediate "step times" so that an observer can dermine if everything is working as expected. All that stateful complexity is why it's often called "Rich Internet Application (RIA)" monitoring.

eValid scripts are used in a growing number of customers' internal monitoring solutions, with eValid providing
the RIA monitoring engine to feed the data in to a reporting system.

To illustrate how this all works, we have put together a demo system in which eValid RIA playbacks with banded (i.e. layer cake or tiered) type event time reporting are displayed with the NagVis system in the Groundwork variant of the Nagios network reporting system.

You can log in for yourself at You'll see a set of scripts running at regular intervals with banded (layer-cake, or tiered data) displays of intra-step timings. Some of the scripts are rather simple, but a few of them involve some of eValid's advanced AJAX synchronization steps that involve active interrogation of the DOM underlying the [dynamic] page.

An explanation of what you're seeing in this demo is found at RIA Monitoring Demo Explanation.

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can supply any details about this demo., or if we can set up a similar demo on your own application.

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