Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DOM-based Commands - "index/motion" Commands

We have been getting a lot of interest in the ability eValid has to process pages in a high-level way using some of its DOM-based commands.

We've been calling these "index/motion" commands because they have to do with identifying objects on the page by their element index and then moving around on the page so you can take action on a particular page feature or element value.

Here is a description of this process, which in eValid is used to convert a recorded script into one that is less dependent on dynamic page variations.

See: Manual Script Creation Process

The set of commands available really gives a tester a kind of algorithmic or structural way of doing the testing, and we thought it would be valuable to outline how that capability plays out.

This description of eValid's Algorithmic/Structural Testing capability makes the role these commands have very clear.

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