Friday, May 29, 2009

Great Ideas and Great Offers for Tough Times

It is genuinely "tough times" right now — we're sure this applies to everyone! So to do our part to help our customers get over the hump we have put together some ideas for big savings and hugh productivity gains:
  • Get a big payoff with eValid based PerformanceTest™ server loading services: you can beat the $1 browser-hour barrier. (A browser-hour is one browser applying a test continuously for one hour.) In fact, in some cases you can even lower your costs below 25¢ per browser-hour. Choose the level of load you need from five scaled options. There's sure to be one to fit your budget.
  • Here's the PerformanceTest Press Release on the new service option.
  • If you purchase a PerformanceTest™ project you can take 33% off all eValid licenses requested in the same order.
  • Here's how we produce rapid increases in applied load: Illustration of Step Function In Server Loading. This approach give you the ability to control 100's to 1,000's of eValid browsers located anywhere.

Check our website for upcoming special eValid offers! We're on your side!

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