Friday, June 19, 2009

AJAX Application

We get a lot of questions these days from people who are concerned about (a) regression testing of an AJAX application and (b) setting up a script to continuously monitor an AJAX application to confirm availability and measure performance.

eValid has special "index/motion" commands that can be used to drive the eValid browser in various ways. Scripts developed with these commands have these properties:

* They don't depend on where particular things are on the page, just that they are there.

* They can handle AJAX synchronizations that involve waiting for page-internal signals.

* The overhead for this kind of synchronization is so low that you can get reliable "how lond did it really take" measurements, the kind of data you want for 24x7 monitoring.

To illustrate this we've prepared this Google Finance AutoCompletion Demonstration Script that shows off eValid's abilities to meet all of these requirements.

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