Friday, December 19, 2008

Simplified Cost Per User Calculation

Users of the eValid functional testing and server loading solution often ask about the actual costs over time "per simulated user". (Remember, eValid has no "virtual users" -- only simulated actual users.) So we made up a little table that reflects a typical eValid installation.

Machine Configuration -- Number of Master SLBs 1
Machine Configuration -- Number of Slave SLBs (Playback Only) 9
Minimum simulated user capacity per machine (XP) 125
Total simulated user capacity 1,000
Normal business hours in a year (40 hours/week, 52 weeks). 2,080
Total simulated user hours available in a year. 2,080,000
Average cost per simulated user hour based on a $10K investment in eValid. <0.5¢

The point is this: eValid offers a potential average cost of < 0.5¢ per simulated user hour when spread out over an entire year. If you spread out the work to the full 168 hours per week the costs per simulated user hour drops even more!

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