Thursday, November 13, 2008

IT/QA Solutions for Tough Times

Nobody will argue with the sentiment that times are very tough. But times have been tough before, and somehow we got through them. And then things got better.

In times of budget cuts, hiring freezes and diminished headcount, it makes sense to pay special attention to the "total cost of ownership" for technical quality assurance, monitoring and performance validation solutions, because nobody can afford the costs of lost customers.

If you figure the benefits of gained productivity, ease of use, quickness to good results, overall flexibility, lower infrastructure and labor costs, we think eValid is truly a "tough time solution," where you can get a lot done with little effort, and at a very moderate price. Applying/introducing eValid in your IT/QA department will help cut costs and reap big dividends.

It's something to think about, so let us hear how eValid can be the cost effective alternative that helps your organization remain competitive and be positioned for success.

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