Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Using eValid To Study Page Dynamics

As web applications grow in complexity it sometimes becomes increasingly difficult to see what is really going on as the browser interacts with the server. This is particularly true with AJAX applications because sometimes what you see on the page is, to put it simply, not quite what is really there.

This can be particularly challenging when there is near-continuous interaction between the application (running JScript in the browser) and the server, which may be continually updating an iframe on the current page.

Here is a "trick" in use of eValid that will help users see what is going on behind the scenes. You set Detailed Timings ON, and pause eValid in playback, watch the event log for the browser/server communication, and then use your application normally. Here's the detail (including a sample script): Observing Timing and Asynchronous Operations In Web Pages.

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