Monday, September 22, 2008

Product Updates

Wouldn't you know it: just when we have everything running smoothly, something changes and, well, it doesn't run smoothly any more! The happened in the last couple of weeks when users of eValid on Vista experienced license problems. We traced the issue to changes due to the latest Vista SP, and now it's 100% resolved in the current eValid build.

Manwhile, we checked out the latest IE8 Beta2 release and found that all's well with eValid with that version of IE installed. Perhaps more important, it does appear that on some web sites eValid does behave noticeable faster that before when using the IE8 Beta 2 DLLs.

Finally, there have been some across-the board product performance enhancements and some new capabilities.

  • ExitNow has been reworked so it really is definitive: eValid hard-exits on this command.
  • The option to encode password details (to keep out prying eyes) has been extended to the AuthenticateUser command.
  • Changes were made to several of the "startup" dialogs to improve readability.
  • The maximum length of the name/value pair (query string) section of URLs has been modified to account for arbitrary length URLs (very long strings were failing randomly).

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