Friday, August 17, 2007

Rich Internet Application Monitoring Support

Complex web-based applications, increasingly implemented with any of the many available technologies for "rich internet applications (RIA)" interaction, are often business-critical applications: You REALLY want to know they are working well!

eValid functional test playbacks, done on a regular basis, with the correct error flag processing options, are an ideal way to monitor RIAs. What's even better, you can have 100% confidence that you can get reliable playbacks -- we have a 100% Guarantee that you can get reliable playback.

eValid supports monitoring mode operations in a variety of ways:

  • Do-It-Yourself Monitoring
    You can run eValid playbacks on your network locally, using eValid playback scripts can confirm performance thresholds, validate content at many levels of detail, time page downloads, and report with email and built-in charting. All you need are some copies of the eValid Application Monitoring Bundle.

  • Agent-Based Monitoring System Reporting
    eValid scripts can do the actual RIA tests, and export the results to your local network monitoring environment.

    Nagios is one of the most popular of the network monitoring systems, and we have Nagios support available off the shelf. Plus, we have integrated eValid with a variety of other network management/monitoring solutions.

  • Hosted Monitoring

    We can run your RIA tests -- scripts that you have developed or scripts that we create based on your specification -- in our own network. You get email alerts and notifications, and you have access to the long-term history with your own password-protected account. Here is our Monitoring Services Summary.

Let us know how we can help you get high quality RIA monitoring going for you -- so you can have confidence in your web application's public facing performance and behavior.

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