Monday, July 16, 2007

Web Quality Workshop Includes ISTI Project Description

The upcoming Workshop on Web Quality, Verification and Validation being held in beautiful Como, Italy, 16-20 July 2007 includes a paper and presentation by I. Beicoglio, M. Fusani, G. Lami and G. Trentanni (all from the Institute of Science and Technologies in Informatics (ISTI), part of the CNR complex located in Pisa, Italy) that describes their project in website quality analysis.

Their paper, Establishing a Quality-Model Based Evaluation Process for Web Sites (PDF), describes how they will be working to establish a quality model based on eValid data collection and analysis. Ultimately their ISTI work will benefit public and commercial entities throughout Italy.

These workshop where their work is being presented is part of the International Conference on Web Engineering 2007 that was mentioned earlier here.

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